Our acupuncturists are members of the Finnish Association of Chinese (SKILL) and the Association of Classical Acupuncture (KAY).

Johan NymanNyman Johan

Telephone: +358 400 894 895
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I started acupuncture treatments with horses in early 1990s, using acupressure at that time. I started my studies in classical acupuncture in 1995. In the beginning of 2000 I opened my own practice and since August 2001 I have been working at my clinic in Tapiola. My firm Akupunktio Johan Nyman Oy's business ID is 2432956-4.

I founded the International School of Acupunture in 2004 to provide high-quality acupuncture training in Finland and to distribute the knowledge I have received.

Johanna HäkkinenHäkkinen Johanna

Telephone: +358 40 7565 789
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I have graduated as a classical acupuncturist at the International School of Acupuncture in 2014. Classical acupuncturists training lasts 3,5 years. I'm also a classical homeopath, Qi & Body Shiatsu therapist and NLP Master Practitioner. I have always been interested in the individual's overall well-being and will treat both people and dogs. Before becoming an entrepreneur, I worked a long time in the IT industry, last years in human resources. More information in Finnish:

Katri LehtoLehto Katri

Telephone: +358 45 674 5567
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I have graduated as a classical acupuncturist at the International School of Acupuncture, that as a basic principle aims to seamlessly combine the teachings of Chinese Medicine with western diagnoses. In my work I have noticed that this approach generally leads quickly to the roots of the problem and yields successful results. My original degree is Master of Science in Technology. As a hobby, I investigate studies on acupuncture and based on that I have for example written an article published in the magazine Acu-lehti in 2010 (in Finnish) ”Meridiaanit – optisen informaation kulkuväylä”.

Anu RusanenRusanen Anu

Telephone: +358 40 760 6026

I graduated as an acupuncturist in 2001 and have been working in Akupunktioklinikka since then. Besides acupuncture I also practice hands-on healing and classical massage, for which I have the degree of a Certified Therapist. Currently I am also a medical student in the University of Helsinki. My aim is to combine these different treatment methods multifunctionally.

Kaija SeivoSeivo Kaija

Telephone: +358 40 723 4849

After 3.5-year training I graduated as an acupuncturist in 2011. My original degree is physiotherapist and I have worked in that profession for about 30 years. I have received the acupuncture training designed for physiotherapists but then I felt that I need deeper knowledge. I am very satisfied with the long training. It is now more clear than ever to me that I meet my clients individually and comprehensively. In the treatment I can flexibly utilize my different skills for the benefit of the client. As a physiotherapist I am authorized by the Finnish National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira) and my practice in Tapiola or Kivenlahti can be visited with a physician's referral.

Pauliina ReunanenPauliina Reunanen

Telephone: 040 534 9259

I graduated from the acupuncture school in 2014 and I am constantly updating my skills in both Western and Chinese medicine. I am treating patients in Tapiola clinic, Helsinki, Veikkola, Nummela, Lohja and I do house calls. I also do facial acupuncture and treat dogs and horses. I am board member in a Classical Chinese Medicine Association and a Finnish Chinese Medicine Association. One of my missions is to spread the word of acupuncture to all the people. I love my work!

Orit EinfeldOrit Einfeld

I've graduated Chinese medicine studies in Israel in 2000. Since then I've worked in public healthcare and in my own practice in Israel. I've been teaching Chinese medicine in the Hebrew university between 2007- 2012, and I teach advanced post graduates courses for practitioners. Since 2010 I teach in the ISA in Finland in the International School of Acupuncture in Espoo. I treat adults and children, and also animals if needed- a field I've studied since I met Mr. Johan Nyman and his fascinating work. To me It is exciting every time to see how well all living beings respond to a professional treatment done at the right moment, performed with deep understanding of Chinese medicine laws and its honor and cherish of Nature, And with care at heart.
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