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Acupuncture affects the person on many levels. Acupuncture can be used to treat conditions of tissues, glands, joints and muscles. Treatments can ease and possibly cure chronic, acute and psychosomatic illnesses, psychological problems and emotional pains. Read more: What can be achieved with acupuncture?

Instructions for an acupuncturist's client

Arrive to the clinic in time to prevent stress, then it is easier to relax during the treatment. We recommend that you avoid eating for one hour before the treatment. Read more: Instructions for an acupuncturist's client

The course of treatment

During the first treatment the acupuncturist charts the physical condition of the client by an initial interview. The client explains why (s)he has come to the clinic and the therapist asks additional questions about the client's health, medical history and situation in life. Read more: The course of treatment

Transport by bus

From Helsinki

If you are using metro visit here.

From Helsinki to the center of Tapiola: 104, 105 and 109

From Kamppi, platform 52 and 106 and 110T, platform 53, travel time approximately 15 min.

Lines 194 and 195 from Elielinaukio, platform 25, travel time approximately 30 min.

From Espoo

Other buses to the center of Tapiola include Espoo local lines 2, 4, 10, 10K, 11–16, 18, 18Z, 19, 57 and regional traffic lines: 501T, 505, 510, 514, 514 K and 550




For driving instructions and a map, see reittihaku
In the destination field, type Tapiontori. It is a marketplace adjacent to Keskustorni.


Tapiolan keskustorni 6 krs, Tapiontori 1
02100 ESPOO

Check out: Transport by bus


Johan Nyman 0400 894 895