Instructions for an acupuncturist's client

Arrive to the clinic in time to prevent stress, then it is easier to relax during the treatment. We recommend that you avoid eating for one hour before the treatment. After the treatment, traditional recommendations include avoiding alcohol, cold and hot baths, sauna and sexual intercourse for a few days. For the best results we also recommend avoiding heavy physical exercise during the same day. If you receive other treatment, please discuss it with your acupuncturist.

The strongest physical reactions normally occur 3 to 4 days after the treatment. During this time also uncomfortable feelings may occur, but they usually calm down on their own. The treatment activates natural healing powers of the body. This process may cause tiredness, exacerbation of symptoms, reappearance of old symptoms or even emerging of new complaints. The effects may be felt on both physical and emotional level. Discussing with the acupuncturist helps to understand the effects of the treatment and the body's reactions to the changes caused by the treatment.

Even if you do not feel outstanding impact after the treatment, that does not mean that the treatment would not be effective. People react to the treatment individually. The less prominent reactions the treatment evokes, the more efficiently the body often heals itself on the deeper level.


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