The course of treatment

During the first treatment the acupuncturist charts the physical condition of the client by an initial interview. The client explains why (s)he has come to the clinic and the therapist asks additional questions about the client's health, medical history and situation in life.

After the interview the therapist listens to the pulse of the client. The therapist also diagnoses signs detected from the client's body and tongue. After making a diagnosis the therapist selects acupoints and inserts thin acupuncture needles that stay in place for about 20 minutes. Thanks to the exact diagnostic method, only few needles are usually used in classical acupuncture treatments. The treatment is generally painless, because the needles are thin and the insertion technique is gentle. Only sterile disposable needles are used in the treatment.

For most people the treatment feels pleasant and relaxing. The number of treatments depends on the quality of the problem and the client's condition and which level of health the client would be content with. Often the effects of the treatment are already noticeable after the first treatments. Treatments are given in a series with an interval of 2 to 4 weeks. In some cases the return to normal energy balance takes regular treatments for several months. Other problems may only require a couple of treatments.


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