What can be achieved with acupuncture?

Acupuncture affects the person on many levels. Acupuncture can be used to treat conditions of tissues, glands, joints and muscles. Treatments can ease and possibly cure chronic, acute and psychosomatic illnesses, psychological problems and emotional pains.

After making the diagnosis, it is usually possible to estimate the odds for solving the problem and the length of the treatment. Classical acupuncture helps people to get closer to their true self and helps to prevent any imbalances that may lead up to illnesses. The effects of the treatment and speed of recovery depend on the individual and his or her general condition.

General problems that can be treated:

  • pains and aches on energy channels around the body
  • e.g. tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, knee pains, backaches, fibromyalgia
  • headaches and migraine
  • allergy, asthma and rashes
  • menstrual pains and gynaecological problems
  • urological problems
  • conditions of stomach and intestines, e.g. ulcer and malabsorption
  • cardiovascular diseases, e.g. hypertension and cholesterol
  • anxiety, tension, depression, panic disorder and eating disorders


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